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Welcome to Parafed Wellington

At Parafed Wellington we inspireenable and achieve.

We do this through our members and supporters being involved in sporting, 

recreation or leisure opportunities.  

We work with a range of organisations and partners to make our members 

sporting and recreational lives as great as possible.   

Youth Group Cycling

Paralympics NZ Prime Ministers Dinner

Alan Signal and Kate Horan at the PNZ Prime Ministers Dinner in Auckland with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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Play in Parks - Uni of Otago need our help

We, the researchers at the School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, Wellington are conducting an interview study to explore the experiences of children with disabilities in using their local parks to play.

We wish to hear from children with disabilities aged 4 to 14 years and/or their parents /caregivers to find out what children enjoy doing in a park. We also want to find out if there is anything that stops children from joining in, playing or having fun in a park. Children can have any of the following impairments: physical, hearing, vision, intellectual, speaking, learning, and developmental delay.

The interviews will be held at the nearby local public park visited by the child. We will make the interviews enjoyable for the children. Children will be asked simple questions (for example, what do you like to do in the park?). Children will also be offered other mediums to communicate their views (for example, draw, share photographs and videos, build models using Play dough, blocks and toys).
Photographs and videos of children playing in the park will be taken during the interviews to capture the barriers and facilitators to park use. Parents will also be invited to be part of the interview process and talk about their perception of their child’s play in the park.

This study will explore the barriers and facilitators to use of parks and help health professionals and policy makers (city councils) to devise strategies to overcome barriers faced by children with disabilities and thereby improve accessibility and usability of parks. All the interviewers have undergone police vetting in accordance with the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014.

They wish to recruit children in Greater Wellington Region.

Please contact: Meredith Perry, School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, Wellington. Phone: (04) 385 5357; E-mail:

 PARK study-Information sheet for parents.docx

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Parafed Wellington 2017 Annual Report

Check out what we got up to in 2017 in our Annual Report
Annual Report 2017.pdf (4.9MB)
Check out what we got up to in 2017 in our Annual Report
Annual Report 2017.pdf (4.9MB)