Parafed Wellington
Inspire, Enable, Achieve

 Sports and Activities

There are a wide range of sports and activities we facilitate for our members, including:

  • Archery
  • Athletics - Track and Field
  • Boccia
  • Cycling
  • Sailing
  • Snowsports
  • Swimming
  • Triathlon
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Youth Group

Check out what we got up to during 2014
2014 what we did.pdf (700.96KB)
Check out what we got up to during 2014
2014 what we did.pdf
2013 A Year of Action
2013 A Year of Action.pdf (525.9KB)
2013 A Year of Action
2013 A Year of Action.pdf



Parafed Wellington has established partnerships with a number of archery clubs around the region.  If you are interested in playing archery, please contact us.


Athletics – Track and Field

Most  clubs welcome people with a disability. Parafed Wellington will help  with  funding for any equipment and training you may require and help connect  with a  club should you require it. 


A game of Boccia consists of four ends in the singles and pairs but consists of six ends in the teams. The object of the game is for players/teams to get  their coloured Boccia balls closer to the jack than their opponents.   

Boccia is played on Saturday's at the St Knox Church Hall, 574 High Street, Lower Hutt. 



Parafed Wellington has established partnerships with a number of cycling clubs around the region.  If your interest is track cycling, or merely going out for a casual ride with friends, we can help.



Parafed Wellington and Sailaiblity Wellington have worked together to provide opportunities for people to sail in Wellington.  Based out of the Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club and Seaview Marina, Sailability Wellington provides sailing opportunities in Wellington Harbour for those keen to get out on the water.

For more information on Sailability

Phone/Answerphone  472 4546



Parafed Wellington and Adaptive Skiing provide opportunities for members to experience the snow and mountain environments.


Most clubs welcome people with a disability. Parafed Wellington will help  with funding for any equipment and training you may require and help connect  with a club should you require it. 


Triathlon is a popular NZ sport and involves 3 disciplines, swimming, biking and running.  There are various types of events you can take part in which include off-road events, short course events and right up to Ironman distances.  At most events you can compete as an individual or as part of a team.  

Triathlon was added to the Paralympic Games programme in 2010 and will make its first appearance at the Paralypmic Games in Rio 2016.


Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball is similar to able-bodied basketball, the size of the court, hoops and balls are all the same. The only difference is that a player must dribble the ball every two pushes of their wheelchair; otherwise that player will be called for travelling.

Wheelchair Basketball training is on Tuesdays 6-8pm at ASB Sports Centre, Kilbirnie.


Wheelchair Rugby 

Wheelchair rugby is a full-blooded sport for tetraplegics – those whose  disabilities affect both their lower and upper limbs.

The rules do not resemble able-bodied rugby, but instead have been tailored to ensure that the game has all the tactics, speed and agility that the name ‘rugby’ conjures up.  Wheelchair rugby became a full Paralympic sport at Sydney 2000 and it is without question the fastest-growing wheelchair sport in the world today.

Wheelchair rugby is the only team sport for tetraplegics and offers players  both rehabilitation, health and social benefits as well as significant  opportunities for athletic achievement at both national and international  levels.

Wheelchair Basketball training is on Thurssdays 6-8pm at Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua.

Wheelchair Tennis

The only difference between disabled and able bodied tennis are players are  in wheelchairs and the ball is allowed to bounce two times before being  returned. Most clubs welcome players. Parafed Wellington will help you with  funding for tennis chairs and training if needed as well as help you connect  with a club. 


Youth Group


Our Youth Group is for 5 – 18 year olds. 

It has been designed so young people can experience a range of opportunities in different sports, recreation and leisure activities.

Through our youth group we aim to provide pathways to sport, opportunities to compete at regional and national levels, social networks for our young members and their families, and improve disability awareness within sport.

Some of our programmes we undertake ourselves.

Some are integrated with mainstream sports. 

We have partnerships other sports organisations to assist our Youth Group.

All family members are most welcome.